M-Tech Projects



1 Vector Sparse Representation of Color Image Using Quaternion Matrix Analysis 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
2 Face Recognition Across Non-Uniform MotionBlur, Illumination, and Pose 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
3 Multi-Spectral Fusion Based Approach forArbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Detection in Video Images 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
4 Nonlinear and Non separable BidimensionalMultiscale Representation Based on Cell-Average Representation 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
5 Adaptive Spot Detection With Optimal ScaleSelection in Fluorescence Microscopy Images 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
6 Non-Rigid Object Contour Tracking viaa Novel Supervised Level Set Model 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
7 Perceptual Quality Assessment for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
8 Removing Camera Shake via WeightedFourier Burst Accumulation 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
9 Salient Region Detection via IntegratingDiffusion-Based Compactness and Local Contrast 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
10 Continuous Depth Map ReconstructionFrom Light Fields 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
11 Polar Embedding for Aurora Image Retrieval 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
12 Online Multi-Target Tracking With UnifiedHandling of Complex Scenarios 2015 IMAGE PROCESSING
13 Quality Prediction of Asymmetrically DistortedStereoscopic 3D Images 2105 IMAGE PROCESSING
14 Windows media player control by using Gesture recognition 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
15 How to Select Good Neighboring Images inDepth-Map Merging Based 3D Modeling 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
16 Face detection for human identification in surveillance 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
17 Robust Face Recognition from Multi-View Videos 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
18 Advanced survey on face detection techniques in image processing 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
19 A Real Time Approach for Secure TextTransmission Using Video Cryptography 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
20 Vehicle Theft Intimation To The Owner On His Gmail Or Outlook By Using SMTP Internet Server 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
21 Reversible data hiding in encrypted imagesBy XOR ciphering technique 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
22 Performance Analysis of Image FusionAlgorithms using HAAR Wavelet 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
23 Multispectral Image Denoising With OptimizedVector Bilateral Filter 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
24 Efficient Segmentation Methods for TumorDetection in MRI Images 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
25 Segmentation Of Blood Vessels And Optic Disc Inretinal Images 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
26 A New Iterative Triclass Thresholding Techniquein Image Segmentation 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
27 Text Extraction from Live Captured Image withDiversified Background using Edge Based & KMeans Clustering 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
28 Phase-based binarization of ancient documentImages: model and applications 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
29 Hierarchical Prediction and Context AdaptiveCoding for Lossless Color Image Compression 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
30 Video Distortion Alleviation Using RegionBased DT-CWT Fusion 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
31 Improving Degraded Document Images Using Binarization Technique 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
32 Super Resolution Image Generation Using WaveletDomain Interpolation With Edge Extractionvia a Sparse Representation 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
33 Gradient Histogram Estimation and Preservationfor Texture Enhanced Image Denoising 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
34 Novel Speed-Up Strategies for Non-Local MeansDenoising With Patch and Edge PatchBased Dictionaries 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
35 An Analytical Model for Synthesis DistortionEstimation in 3D Video 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
36 Saliency-Aware Video Compression. 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
38 Separated Component-Based Restorationof Speckled SAR Images 2014 IMAGE PROCESSING
39 Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to EEG Source Localization of Somatosensory Evoked Potentials 2014 SIGNALPROCESSING
40 Generalized Inverse Aided PAPR-Aware Linear Precoder Design for MIMO-OFDM System 2014 COMMUNICATION
41 Regional Spatially Adaptive Total VariationSuper-Resolution With Spatial Information Filteringand Clustering 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
42 2-D Wavelet Packet Spectrum for Texture Analysis 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
43 Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation UsingComplex Wavelet-Based Fusion 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
44 Parameter estimation for blind and non-blindDeblurring using residual whiteness measures 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
45 Removal of High Density Impulse Noise Using Cloud Model Filter 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
46 A Novel Joint Data-Hiding and CompressionScheme Based on SMVQ and Image Inpainting 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
47 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images byReserving Room Before Encryption 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
48 Two-Dimensional Orthogonal DCT Expansion inTrapezoid and Triangular Blocks and ModifiedJPEG Image Compression 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
49 Dwt based scheme for video Watermarking 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
50 Efficient Quality Analysis Of MRI Image Using Preprocessing Techniques 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
51 Latent Fingerprint Matching Using Descriptor-Based Hough Transform 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
52 Robust Document Image Binarization Techniquefor Degraded Document Images 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
53 An Optimized Wavelength Band Selection forHeavily Pigmented Iris Recognition 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
54 Noise Reduction Based on Partial-Reference,Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Shrinkage 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
55 Nonlocally Centralized Sparse Representationfor Image Restoration 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
56 Robust Hashing for Image Authentication UsingZernike Moments and Local Features 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
57 Robust Face Reorganisation By Using RRC Algorithm 2013 IMAGE PROCESSING
58 Towards Generalizing ClassificationBased Speech Separation 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
59 An Unsupervised Approach to Co-channelSpeech Separation 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
60 Audio Watermarking Via EMD 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
61 Speech Enhancement by Kalman Filtering with a Particle Filter- Based Preprocessor 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
62 ECG denoising using Extended Kalman Filter 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
63 Elimination of Blink from EEG 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
64 Implementation of Real Time Feature Extractionof ECG Using Discrete Wavelet Transform 2013 SIGNALPROCESSING
65 Complex-Weighted OFDM Transmission with Low PAPR 2013 COMMUNICATION
66 PAR-Aware Large-Scale Multi-User MIMO-OFDM Downlink 2013 COMMUNICATION
67 Diversity of MMSE Receivers in MIMO 2013 COMMUNICATION
68 Performance Analysis of Alamouti Transmit Diversity 2013 COMMUNICATION
69 Performance analysis of μ-law commanding &Sqrt techniques for m-qam OFDM systems 2013 COMMUNICATION
70 Compare The Performance Analysis For Fft Based Mimo Ofdm With Dwt Based MIMO -OFDM 2013 COMMUNICATION
71 Performance Analysis Of Phase Noise Impaired OFDM 2013 COMMUNICATION
72 Energy-Efficiency Analysis and Optimization for Virtual-MIMO Systems 2014 COMMUNICATION
73  EMA: Energy-Efficiency-Aware Multiple Access 2014 COMMUNICATION
74 Adaptive Multi-Channel Transmission Power Control for Industrial Wireless Instrumentation 2014 COMMUNICATION
75 Energy-Efficient Processor for Blind Signal Classification in Cognitive Radio Networks 2014 COMMUNICATION
 76 Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in OFDM Systems With Distributed Antennas 2014 COMMUNICATION
 77 Optimization for Centralized and Decentralized Cognitive Radio Networks 2014 COMMUNICATION
 78 Practical Energy-Aware Link Adaptation for MIMO-OFDM Systems 2014 COMMUNICATION
 79 Real-time Digital Signal Processing for Optical OFDM-Based Future Optical Access Networks 2014 COMMUNICATION
 80 Improved Mobile MIMO-OFDM System with Increased Iterations by TRIDL Detection. 2014 COMMUNICATION
 81 Stochastic Analysis of the LMS and NLMS Algorithms for Cyclostationary White Gaussian Inputs. 2014 COMMUNICATION
 82 Low-Complexity DFT-Based Channel Estimation with Leakage Nulling for OFDM Systems 2014 COMMUNICATION



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